About Letitia Sweitzer

Who I Am

LDShandsI’m a certified life coach, an ADHD coach, a writing coach, an author, a teacher, a mother of four.

What I do as a coach

I ask you what you need. I listen. I listen for your unique choice of words. I acknowledge your feelings and I point out to you what you said that you may not even realize you said. I offer ways to find clarity. I explore with you. I honor your goals. I partner with you to design a plan to meet your goals. I help you to be accountable to your own plan. I celebrate your successes with you. I help you explore what doesn’t work and what might work better. I help you find your best self. And I love, love, love doing all of this with you.

What I love

I have never had a client that did not fascinate me. I love your story, your interests, your individuality, your desires, your talents, your goals, your success, your learning and what I learn from you.

What I often hear:

“My life is in chaos.” “I feel stuck.” “I never thought about it that way before.” “It’s so much clearer to me now.” “I know what I want to do next.” “I’m going to think about that.” “It’s so helpful just to talk things out.” “I am committed to doing these things.” “You really ‘get’ me.” “This is just what I needed.”

Who I help

I help people who know they have talent and energy and desires but they haven’t gotten where they want to go or found what they want to do this week or this year or this lifetime. They may feel overwhelmed right now. They may lack confidence. They may have ADHD and not manage their time, their activities, or their stuff very well. They may have a story or a book or a thesis to write; they love their topic and know what they have to say but they are stuck somewhere and can’t finish. They may not know where to begin. They need to sort things out. They must make a decision.

I have helped people who wanted more confidence in their careers, needed to resolve family issues, or were seeking help in getting organized. I have helped entrepreneurs, career seekers and changers, students with ADHD, doctors and health care workers, lawyers, writers, an aspiring motivational speaker, people in recovery, refugees, and a runaway teen.

How can I help you?

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