My newest book is now available!

The Elephant in the ADHD Room: Beating Boredom as the Secret to Managing ADHD was published in July 2014 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in London.

book2After years of research and experience with the power of boredom in all aspects of life, I’m pleased to write this book particularly for parents and professionals who work with children and adults with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as well as anyone diagnosed with this condition.

Almost everything in the book can (and should) be applied to any child or adult with or without ADHD, but I aimed at this special population dear to my heart, whose boredom and especially boredom avoidance behavior characterize their struggles.

Here’s an excerpt of what Tiaraontop, one of the first buyers of the Kindle version of The Elephant in the ADHD Room on Amazon, had to say about it:

Letitia, thank you.…To say this book resonated would be a gross understatement. Both the past and the future make so much more sense to me now! As far as figuring out why I’m on the planet, your book has helped bring a sense of “true north” direction more than ANY of the 25 other books I’ve read on that topic. I hope everyone who has an ADHD brain and those who care about them will read this book.

Award-winning history teacher Helen Smith wrote, in part:

The Elephant in the ADHD Room is eye-opening and engrossing for anyone in contact with ADHD-diagnosed people from childhood to maturity. I kept thinking, “That’s my student” or “Oh, I didn’t handle that well.” Broad practical experience, knowledge of literature, and an engaging style makes Sweitzer the perfect author to present this study to parents, teachers, and friends.”

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